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Good Non-Alcoholic Punch

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summary: keeping Christmas traditions; Mum’s poinsettia tablecloth; recipe for Not 7-Up “Green” – based on 7-Up Emerald Punch; non-alcoholic punch; “Merry Punch Bowl to You!”

Good Non-Alcoholic Punch I don’t remember exactly when the poinsettia table cloth appeared in our house at Christmas – it went perfectly with the poinettia drinking glasses that one of my sisters has in her house now.

Nor do I remember what year it was that a 7-Up flyer, featuring Punch recipes, arrived in the mailbox. Or was it inserted into the carton of 7-Up that Dad brought home for a Christmas party. (We NEVER had soda pop in the house, except at Christmas time.)

7-Up Punch Recipes I do remember that we decided we HAD to try some of the punches though. I think that the first one we made was emerald punch. We were entranced with the name. And we had a wonderful punch bowl with glasses that hung from the edge of the bowl (was the set crystal?? I can’t recall; I think one of my sisters has the bowl and glasses….)

Mum made Gala punch several times as well. But it was “Green” that became a staple for us at Christmas.

So, imagine my delight when my sister arrived at our house on Christmas Day, carrying a 2L soda-water bottle filled with Green! Sure, we don’t have the punch bowl. But who cares? We had the punch!


I was SO happy that I had used Mum’s poinsettia table cloth. How perfect!

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Christmas Bounty

summary: Happy Christmas; Oatmeal dressing (aka stuffing) is the best; what to do with leftovers; warm up by helping to feed/clothe everyone;

:hohoho: Christmas 2017 :hohoho:

It’s warm inside but outside, it’s coooooold! And snowy!

Angels We Have Heard On High (© ejm)

It’s so cold and snowy that yesterday’s annual street hockey game was cancelled!

But Christmas wasn’t cancelled, and it’s warm inside…. We happily feasted as usual with friends and family.

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Better Late Than Never not-Champagne Babas (BBB December 2017)

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cork BBB Dec 2017 summary: recipe for Champagne Babas; substituting more affordable sparkling wine from Argentina; using commercial yeast instead of wild yeast; a Bread Baking Babes project;

Bread Baking Babes (BBB) December 2017: Champagne Baba

BBB Champagne Baba

Well, I considered translating this into a recipe with wild yeast….

And then I realized that it would prove that I’m completely out of my mind. This is dough that has egg and butter and sugar. Like brioche. Eeeeeeek!!

Yes. Commercial yeast is the wiser ingredient, isn’t it? Maybe next time I’ll try with wild yeast. Maybe….

Having had Rum Babas years ago that T made when we first got our food processor (it came with a recipe book), I knew that babas shouldn’t be that hard to make. Especially if I did everything by hand instead of hauling out the food processor….

We loved rum babas so we should love champagne baba too.

Baba is a traditional bistro dessert. Its round cylindrical shape crosses over perfectly to tall bread machine pans. […] Baba is plump like a plush toy—soaked in a spirited champagne syrup, glazed, and then cut into wedges or slices to serve with sweetened whipped cream. Serve it the day it is made or no more than one day later for the best texture.
– Beth Hensperger, Champagne-soaked Baba, Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook: A Master Baker’s 300 Favorite Recipes for Perfect-Every-Time Bread-From Every Kind of Machine, p.521

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Tracking the other BBBabes

The others have already baked this month’s recipe: Champagne Baba. But I am a laggard, trailing behind, catching glimpses of their footprints in the newly fallen snow.

I’m happy to report that I have now mixed the dough. Stay tuned for the full report. (My sister will be thrilled at the details; things have not gone particularly smoothly. :lalala: )

BBB Dec 2017
Beth Hensberger’s Champagne Baba

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edit 19 December 2017: Our not-Champagne babas are DELICIOUS! Please read more here: Better Late Than Never Not-champagne Babas (BBB December 2017)