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Delving into the Archives… baked ricotta (bookmarked)

summary: delving into the archives; baked ricotta from April 2013(!); cool weather at last; information about Bookmarked Recipes;

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This morning it’s raining and chilly – too chilly to sit out on the front porch to have coffee. At last the horrible humidity and extreme heat of summer has finally shifted. As chilly as it is, it’s not quite time to turn the furnace on. I really don’t mind having to wear a sweater inside. The weather is perfect.

I was looking through the photo folders and came across this beautiful dinner. According to the date stamp, it was taken way back in April 2013.

Baked Ricotta

I know this was at our house; I recognize the dishes and the oven mitts. Yet I have NO recollection of it. How can that be?

It looks fabulous! (continue reading )