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Steaming Up the Kitchen (BBB October 2018)

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BBB: Let's Get BakingGet steamed up! Because it is possible to resolve things in order to satisfy everyone’s hunger….

Bread Baking Babes (BBB): Steamed Bao Buns

From a poisonously hot summer, including most of September and even the early part of October, the temperatures have plunged. Of course they have. It is October, after all. The leaves are turning red and gold; the insanely hot chilis (unwanted by anyone but us) in our wonderful neighbour’s garden have ripened beautifully; standing over the stove is a joy because it’s warm and toasty inside.

BBB Steamed Buns

For the BBBabes’ October project, Karen (Karen’s Kitchen Stories) chose Steamed Bao Buns. She told us the recipe she was using is Taiwanese. But steamed buns appear to be made all over Asia. And Karen’s photo looked very much like Banh Mi we’ve had.

As far as weaknesses go, this is a big one for me. Asian steamed buns. They are light, slightly sweet conveyors of all types of fillings. Also known as Bao, these buns are a blank canvas for whatever you’d like to fill them with… Preferably something savory, sweet and spicy all at the same time.
– Lisa, Garlic and Zest | Asian Steamed Buns

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