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Say ‘no’ to plastic bags… really

summary: Say ‘No’ to plastic; tips for what to do with some of the plastics you have; make your own grocery and produce bags;

The ‘throw it away’ age has passed. There is no away anymore. Plastic rubbish builds up on roadsides, in hedgerows and on fences and trees near careless supermarkets. – Pip Richards, The Sustainable Trust (U.K.)

We’ve been bringing our own cloth grocery bags to the store for eons. The bags hang by on the kitchen door so that it’s easy to grab them just as we head out. We’ve been doing this for so long that it surprises us when people comment on the bags, saying, “I should do that.”

Yes, they should. :lalala:

grocery bags

However, aside from the 5 lovely little mesh bags (that are starting to fall apart) my sister gave to us some years ago, we have not made it a habit to bring our own small bags for vegetables.

We try to remember to wash the small plastic bags that the stores provide, and reuse (and re-reuse) them. But, until recently, we were not always remembering to put those bags in with the cloth grocery bags.

Shame on us! (continue reading )