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Merry Christmastide to all!

summary: Merry Christmas to all! rationing; feasting anyway; indoor cat goes fishing; Orange Appeal mussels revisited with Pernod replacing the fennel; a tagine is the best;

In keeping with tradition, we like to celebrate Christmas over a number of days. None of this “one night and we’re done” for us!

Yesterday was Boxing Day and I confess that we were very lazy. Except the furry black fiend. He was very busy fishing.

cat fish
furry black fiend

Needless to say, we did not join the silly throngs of lost souls who raced to the shopping malls in search of bargains.

Instead, after a leisurely late breakfast of glorious leftovers, we went out for a stroll through the neighbourhood, remarking on how quiet and calm it was. (continue reading )

Currant Affairs (BBB December 2018)

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BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: recipe for Baked Currant Doughnuts; rationing; sharing; late again; information about Bread Baking Babes;

Well. I’m only one day late. It’s not entirely my fault. (Actually, it is… :lalala: …one of these days I might learn to plan ahead.) If only the BBB dough had taken just 3 or 4 hours to rise – as per the recipe, I might have been on time. Still, better late than never for:

Bread Baking Babes (BBB): Baked Currant Doughnuts

“Nearly eleven o’clock,” said Pooh happily. “You’re just in time for a little smackerel of something.”

BBB December 2018

We are the fortunate ones; there are so many traditional yeasted delights to bake in December: Lucia Buns, Finnish cardamom bread, Brioche Flowers, Clark’s Bread, Stollen, Panettone, Babas au Rhum, . . . And then there are the non-yeasted delights too: scones, various kinds of shortbread, vinarterta, fruitcake, chocolate bark, cherry snowballs, crescents, cheese biscuits, . . . .

And now, thanks to Pat (aka Elle), we will have currant doughnuts – baked (Yay!), rather than deep-fried – to add to our feasts as well.

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It’s Exactly What We’ve Always Wanted!

summary: Tagine; in praise of unglazed clay; seasoning an unglazed tagine; inaugurating a tagine;

Look what we just got!!


It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted
A very extra special thing
For it’s useful and quite pleasant
And it’s just the sort of present that is
Fit for a king!
– Douglas Moore and Raymond Abrashkin, Puss In Boots, Children’s Record Guild

It is a tagine!

We’re so excited. Doubly! Because, yes. The tagine is unglazed! (continue reading )