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No fiddling around!

summary: I ♥ spring; fiddleheads; generosity of friends;


I love fiddleheads – the only thing wrong with them is that it is very very difficult to get the sand out. – me, blog from OUR kitchen, 100 Canadian Foods to Consume meme, October 2008

Last month, when I was buying eggs from our friends who live on a sheep farm north of the city, I was told there was a bonus for me. Along with 2 dozen gorgeous eggs, I was given a large bag of fiddleheads picked that morning. She reminded me, “There isn’t really any sand; just give them a good rinse before steaming them. They’re really good with butter and garlic!

Oh yes! That’s right! I had forgotten that there would be no sand. And she is right. The fiddleheads that she and her husband gave us last time (in 2010) were beautifully firm, with zero sand. This time was exactly the same.

And they were delicious! Tasting of spring: newly green and delicate. (continue reading )