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Patrushka cake variation: banana walnut

summary: banana walnut cake with cream cheese icing; variation on Patrushka Cake; origins of the name “Patrushka Cake”; I love the internet!

According to some sources, [the cake is] also known as Patrushka cake, which offers more than a hint of Eastern European origins. – Blair K, Slovenian Roots Quest, June 2015

Should I burst Blair’s bubble? Do the K’s need to know why it’s really called Patrushka Cake and that its origins are half way around the world from Eastern Europe? :-) :-)

banana walnut Patrushka cake

Our vegetable/fruit store has a shelf near the cash register with baskets of various things they want to sell off. Each basket costs $1.

We often get the tomatoes they sell – there is nothing wrong with the tomatoes except that some of them may have a few bruises. They make fantastic tomato sauce.

One day, a while back in the early spring, there was a basket of bananas. They were just starting to ripen but had a few bruises. Of course we bought the basket. Who wouldn’t? It was $1 for around a dozen bananas. Organic bananas!

T decided to make cake, but because eggs were at a premium (our friends’ chickens were on strike because spring wasn’t springing), he used the mashed bananas and chopped walnuts to Patrushka Cake, because the recipe doesn’t call for any eggs.

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