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What’s that in the Box??

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summary: recipe for Armenian Toasted Noodle Pilaf – or is it Azerbaijani??; revelations about Rice-a-Roni; yay for summer and the garden producing at last; scapes and parsley;

the San Francisco Treat
the flavor can’t be beat
One pan, no boiling, cooking ease
A Flavor that is sure to please
the San Francisco treat!
(Ding, Ding)

Do you have an audio virus now? I sure do!

And. Were you like me? Did you think that Rice-A-Roni was something slightly inferior, along the lines of Kraft Dinner and Hamburger Helper?

Bzzzzt! Could we be more wrong?!

I’m not quite sure why we suddenly decided that we neeeeeeeded to try making Rice-A-Roni. But thank goodness we did.

Armenian Pilaf (continue reading )