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This is wild: Popcorn (?!) Bread – (CtB)

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summary: recipe for wild popcorn bread, based on a recipe in “Buttermilk Graffiti” by Edward Lee; extremely late entry for Cook the Books (CtB)

The popcorn bread, which I came up with because I love the tiny bits of detritus at the bottom of a bag of popcorn, reminds me of Irish soda bread, with a slightly nuttier flavor. – Edward Lee, chapter 2: The Pugilist and the Cook, Buttermilk Graffiti, p.42

Popcorn Fougasse

We’ve only just now finished chapter three of Edward Lee’s wonderful book, Buttermilk Graffiti. Note that we’re slow not from lack of interest, but because we want to savour every well-chosen word.

The ice in my whiskey is melting fast, but I don’t mind. I hang on every word [Jack Brady] says while his hand sits on my neck. Bono is blaring away on the jukebox, and the Red Sox game is on the TV. I light Jack’s cigarette, and as he exhales, the last sunlight of the afternoon coming in through the tinted window catches the plumes of smoke like a scen from an old black-and-white movie.
The plate of food has never been the be-all and end-all for me. Quite the opposite: for me, good food is just the beginning of a trail that leads back to a person whose story is usually worth telling.
– Edward Lee, Chapter 2: The Pugilist and the Cook, Buttermilk Graffiti, p.30, 32

Suddenly, however, when we got to the recipe for Popcorn Bread at the end of chapter two, our pace picked up. (continue reading )