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If at first you don’t succeed…

Sourdough September summary: attempt at making wild bread with only white flour; it turns out that our Jane Mason wild starter is a picky eater, but at least it isn’t insisting on being gluten-free; it’s Sourdough September

Baking with sourdough is a life-long journey and every day is exciting, […] and once you make your starter you can keep it for life! – Jane Mason, All You Knead is Bread

Soul Bread Company Humber Bayshores Farmers Market July 2019

The night after we finished the last of the Soul Bread Company bread (it was especially delicious when we sliced that last bit of the loaf, drizzled the slices with olive oil and grilled them on the barbecue), we built up our Jane Mason whole wheat starter to make bread the next day. Because while Man can’t live on bread alone, no bread at all sure does make living not so worthwhile.

We’ll go back to baking our own wild non-sour bread. It’s easily as good, if not better. And, considering that we get 10 kilograms of unbleached “no-additive” all-purpose flour for about $10, our bread is a fraction of the price of the Soul Bread Company sourdough bread [at $6.50 (!!) per loaf]. […] [But] next time we bake bread, at T’s request, I’m going to build up our Jane Mason wholewheat starter with all-purpose flour instead of 100% whole wheat flour. We suddenly want to learn what our wild bread is like if it is made with almost all white flour.
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | Virtually Photo-less Not Friday: Tasting Somebody Else’s Sourdough

On that night, I took the usual spoonful of the wholewheat starter and fed it with equal parts unbleached all-purpose flour and water. (continue reading )