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Wild Pull-apart Bread (BBB September 2019)

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Sourdough September BBB: Let's Keep Baking summary: Nailed it! …do as I say, not as I did; recipe for Wild Pull-apart Bread; or is it called ‘share and tear’? …a Bread Baking Babes (BBB) project; bookmarked recipe; Sourdough September;

Bread Baking Babes’ Wild Pull-apart Bread, September 2019

…pull-apart bread. I can eat this all day! – Monica Khoo, FB Sourdough Bread Baking

Bookmarked Recipes - last Sunday of the MonthBookmarked Recipes: Sourdough pull-apart bread

It feels like eons ago that I bookmarked Monica Khoo’s fabulous looking pull-apart bread I saw on FB’s group Sourdough Bread Baking. And, in computer terms, it was eons; it was over a year ago….

Monica Khoo's Sourdough pull-apart bread It was high time for me to give this bread a go. And who better to join in the deliciousness than the BBBabes? After all, we have our starters in good condition from August’s BBB project. (continue reading )