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Still Wildly Baking… Tartine Bread, revisited

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Sourdough September summary: recipe for Tartine Bread recipe, revisited; our Jane Mason starter is over 2 years old and still going strong; Sourdough September;

It’s true that I am a repeat offender of saccharomycicide (2008, 2012). But I am proof (no pun intended) that rehabilitation works! It has now been more than two years that we have been making bread almost exclusively with our Jane Mason starter begun in July 2017.

The few times over the past two years that we have used commercial yeast instead of wild yeast have been slightly more reliable: rising quickly, and creating really lofty breads. But the resulting bread made with commercial yeast doesn’t taste and smell quite as wonderful – it’s just a little one-dimensional.

Thus, sourdoughness isn’t just confined to September! (Did you notice my attempt at eliminating “so” from the beginning of that sentence? I hope so; I hope so. :-) )

Most of the time, the recipe we use is based on one in Chad Robertson’s wonderful book, “Tartine Bread”. Every time we make the bread using our Jane Mason starter, it is stellar. But it occurred to me recently that I have ever so slightly revised what I have done to Robertson’s recipe – to make things easier for us and to make the bread taste better than ever.

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