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Second Attempt at Arkatena Bread

BBB: Let's Keep Baking summary: trying again to make Arkatena Bread; chickpea flour starter sure does bubble; how to deal with failure; crackers;

I feel like such a failure, having resorted to adding commercial yeast! Our fake Arkatena bread was really good though. I do plan to try again with the actual recipe – really I do
– me, blog from OUR kitchen, 13 January 2020

I took heart when I saw other BBBabes’ successful attempts at baking Arkatena bread. I was especially entranced by Tanna’s bread!

It starts out simple enough. The starter is made with chickpea flour, and because of the nature of chickpea flour, only takes 3 days to accumulate enough yeast to raise the dough.
– Katie (Thyme For Cooking), Bread Baking Babes tackle Arkatena Bread

Katie’s right! It does seem simple. And it worked for other BBBabes. Surely it could work for me!

And so I did try again. Really I did. I had to. How could I not with the amazing bubbles created by the chickpea flour starter?

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