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More Arkatena Adventures (BBBuddy, January 2020)

summary: January 2020 Bread Baking Buddy; BBBabes’ Arkatena Bread gallery

I did try again. Really I did. I had to. How could I not with the amazing bubbles created by the chickpea flour starter?

BBBuddies January 2020BBBuddy: Arkatena Bread

I thought it was going to be an easy bread to make. Something perfect to rest with after all of December’s complex festive baking. Bzzzzzzt! W.R.O.N.G. – me, (blog from OUR kitchen)
To say we loved this bread is an understatement. […] Yes, you want to bake this bread! – Tanna (My Kitchen in Half Cups)
Love the texture of this uniquely leavened bread, even if it took me a couple tries! – Kelly (A Messy Kitchen)
Elizabeth gave us an exciting challenge – using chickpea flour in a starter and baking a delicious bread. […] Fortunately the Babes are not wedded to rules. […] I use[d] my wheat starter as the base for the chickpea starter […] The crumb was a bit dry but there were nice air holes here and there, it was chewy, and the flavor was lovely. I really liked the crust and sesame seeds on the outside. – Pat, aka Elle (Feeding My Enthusiasms)
Challenging indeed. It’s no-go this month. The first three evenings looked promising; the additions of the fourth evening caused the starter to crash and burn. No life (even after 10 days!). – Judy (Judy’s Gross Eats)
Something similar happened to me too, so no bread to post. – Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen)
I really like the flavor of the Arkatena Bread. I think I cut mine a bit too soon, but it tasted great! Love the addition of the fennel seeds. – Cathy (Bread Experience)
It starts out simple enough. The starter is made with chickpea flour, and because of the nature of chickpea flour, only takes 3 days to accumulate enough yeast to raise the dough. […] Then comes the list of steps to actually make the bread. No one thing is difficult it’s just that…. – Katie (Thyme For Cooking)

I know I shouldn’t be even remotely surprised once again to have received zero notices about BBBuddies baking Arkatena bread.

And not just because the days of blogging, just for the sake of blogging, appear to be waning. But one person did post – in detail – about his Arkatena adventures on FB. I asked permission to display his photos…. (continue reading )