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Laksa Mi

summary: the wonders of back-issues of SAVEUR Magazine; too egg, or not to egg; link to feastingathome.com’s recipe we followed for laksa soup (a malaysian coconut curry noodle soup); Noodles!

We have been gradually re-reading back issues of SAVEUR magazine (bathroom reading), from when SAVEUR was still the really terrific magazine that we loved. A couple of mornings ago, T happily announced that we had to go out right away to get some coriander leaf and coconut cream.

“Why?!” I objected. It had snowed the night before and we’d have to – eeeeek – walk, instead of ride our bikes.

February Kitchen

But he calmly explained. It was because of this:

2. SOUP WE’RE HOT FOR Malaysia is the birthplace of several regional varieties of Laksa, a vibrant Southeast Asian noodle soup. Our favorite? The spice-rich version from Kuala Lumpur known as curry laksa or curry mee. […] With its silken chicken-and-coconut milk curry, it’s pure noodle nirvana.
– James Oseland, The SAVEUR 100, page 2, No. 81, Jan/Feb 2005

How could I say no? (continue reading )