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Rum Babas

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summary: Rum Babas; recipe for Savarin Dough and Rum Babas; classic cookbooks; remembering to add important details when transcribing recipes; going through our photo archives;

babas au rhum
January 2020

I cannot believe that I have never raved here about Rum Babas! T made them for his birthday last year. I meant to rave out loud in here about them then. We even took pictures! (Well, actually, we didn’t manage to take pictures of them served last year. I guess we were too busy stuffing our faces… this year, I made sure to snap the above photo before we took the bowls to the table.)

I was so certain that I had already blogged about rum babas that when T went looking for the recipe to make Rum Babas again a couple of weeks ago, I told him to look here first for the recipe. But no. I’m wrong again – the BBBabes’ Champagne Babas are as close as I got.

I remember the first time I tasted Rum Babas was when I was about 14. Mum made them for their New Year’s Eve dinner party. The same 3 couples always got together, switching houses from year to year. None of us children were invited to those dinner parties, but we got to taste little samples of some of the things that were to be served whenever the party was at our house.

Dinner Party Cookbook Cover On the Rum Baba occasion, Mum used her wonderful Dinner Party Cookbook (Sunset Books 1962), following the recipes in ‘Dinner Party for Ten’. The menu included Veal Birds. I LOVED them. I remember being amazed and thrilled at the flavour of tarragon. That’s right. I had never tasted tarragon before that. And after that first taste, I wanted to have tarragon in everything from then on! And it was dried tarragon! (We really should try making veal birds, shouldn’t we? I wonder if they will be as fabulous as I remember. Hmmm. I wonder if we should use fresh or dried tarragon?)

Dinner Party Cookbook - Dinner for Ten (page 161)

But I’m getting off track – back to the babas…. As I recall, I didn’t really like Rum Babas. I wasn’t so keen on the rum. Silly young me. I have grown up now – j’adore Rum Babas…. (continue reading )