Daily Archives: Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Sweeeet! …this Chicken is a Keeper!

summary: Roast Chicken with Red Grapes and Vermouth, based on Sweet Chicken Surprise with Vermouth & Tarragon in Jamie Oliver’s “5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food”; it’s not cloying sweet at all, not even remotely; green beans with almonds; oven-roasted potatoes; 2015 Castelforte Amarone della Valpolicella;

green beans and almonds

The other day, our brilliant neighbours phoned to ask us if we would like the half a bottle of 2015 Castelforte Amarone della Valpolicella – left over from the evening before – that they weren’t going to drink. :!: :!:

Us? Drink red wine? Naaaah! But, just to do them a favour, we said yes. :-) :-)

We decided we’d serve it with roast chicken. Then, yesterday, after T had just watched Jamie Oliver’s “Quick and Easy Food” (Series Two, Episode Three: Sea Bass & Chicken Surprise), he announced that we had to go out to get some red and green grapes, and a bottle of vermouth for making last night’s roast chicken dinner. (continue reading )