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Tartine variation: light rye with red miso (bookmarked)

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summary: adding rye flour and miso to Chad Robertson’s Tartine bread; recipe for light rye with red miso, inspired by Gontran Cherrier’s Pain au Seigle et Miso; converting recipes; how long to preheat with our new (to us) oven

Bookmarked Recipes - last Sunday of the MonthBookmarked Recipe: Miso-Rye Bread

Miso Rye

Not long ago, in the BBBabes’ FB group, Scott D mentioned that one of the breads he really likes to make is miso-rye. He wrote, “It’s my favorite toast!”

The mere mention of Miso Rye bread in David Lebovitz’s February 2012 blog entry, Pear-Fennel Soup, got me excited. David linked to Gontran Cherrier’s website, which was where the bread was purchased. Even switching into English on the site didn’t give me much of a clue about what’s in this bread other than the obvious. […] In the end I kind of had to invent my own recipe, taking a little from here and there and settling on a recipe that uses the sourdough starter and yeast. The miso-rye combination is delicious, especially as toast.
– Scott D, Scott_D.com: Miso Rye Bread
I made it a lot over a year. It makes the most delicious toast in the morning.
– Scott D, FB | Bread Baking Babes and Friends, Miso Rye
I’ve been making this bread for a year and a half now and have made a couple of minor changes to the recipe for more consistent results. They are the kind of adjustments a seasoned bread baker would make because they know the consistency that bread should have at the different stages. The metric measurements are all by weight.
– Scott D, Scott_D.com: Miso Rye Bread Updated

We have red miso in the fridge!

Immediately intrigued by the idea of adding miso to bread dough, I started to convert Scott’s updated recipe. (continue reading )