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homemade yoghurt – on the stovetop

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summary: oven too hot for making yoghurt? use the stove top; recipe for homemade yoghurt (revised); a meat thermometer has many uses;

For several years now, we have rarely purchased commercial yoghurt, but been making our own in the oven with the dial set to a point on the dial below the lowest setting of 150 (T painted a line on the dial with nail polish to what might have been around 80F on the dial). This was for the oven of the old stove.

Now that we have a new (to us) stove/oven, things are different. The oven is beautiful, but….

I must say that it’s wonderful to have a new, reliable stove. […] The oven is going to take a bit more to get used to. It turns out that, in spite of the fact that the oven has a self-cleaning switch, the temperature is a.) off [too low] by about 50F degrees, and b.) it takes about 15 minutes longer to preheat than the old oven did.
– me, Can this be true?!
We still haven’t figured out our new oven. The BBB recipes says to bake this bread at 400F for about 30 minutes. We know the new oven runs a little less hot than our old one (we would have had to bake this bread at 350F on the old oven). But even with the dial turned to 450F for preheating and then set at 425F, it took over an hour to bake the bread, in spite of the fact that I made three quarters of the BBB recipe.
– me, Potato Pavé with Goat Cheese and Thyme (BBB March 2020)

Alas, with its push-button oven settings, the new (to us) oven doesn’t lend itself to going below the lowest setting of 170F.

For a few moments, we went into a decline. How would we make yoghurt??

But T is brilliant. He devised a way to make yoghurt on the stove top. Yay!!

Making Yoghurt on the Stovetop

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