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Delving into the Archives: Onion and Leek Lasagne

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summary: delving into the archives; recipe for onion and leek lasagne; mushroom lasagne; squash ravioli; getting inspiration by re-reading back-issues of SAVEUR Magazine;

I was looking through our photo archives the other day, and realized that I had neglected to rave about the lasagne that T made in January!

Spelled with an “e” — lasagne — in Italy, this is a dish that has traveled very well across the Atlantic. […] There are scores of variations on this layered pasta dish, the most famous being from Bologna, where a besciamella sauce is used instead of tomato.
– John and Galina Mariani, The Italian-American Cookbook: A Feast of Food from a Great American Cooking Tradition, p.177

onion and leek lasagne

This past Christmas, inspired by reading a past issue of SAVEUR Magazine (which one was it???), T ordered a copy of “The Italian-American Cookbook” by John and Galina Mariana to give to me for Christmas. Leafing through the book on Boxing Day, I couldn’t help paying close attention to the recipe for onion lasagna on page 178. (continue reading )