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staying at home: more ranting about yeast

summary: empty shelves and once a week supermarket shopping; one-way aisles; viral fatigue; commercial yeast is still in the toilet paper category; differences between active dry, instant, and rapid-rise yeasts; needless additives; ranting and raving again; where IS all the yeast?

yeast salt flour olive oil (april 2007)
bread making ingredients – photo from April 2007

For a long time, I have maintained that there is no real difference between active dry and instant yeast, so have continued to buy active dry. Because that’s what Mum always bought.

Ha! Of course that’s what she bought. It was probably the only kind of yeast she could get easily. Fresh cake yeast?? Were there any shops that sold it in our neighbourhood way back in the olden days?

But now that our Jane Mason starter is serving us so well, I rarely feel the need to use commercial yeast anymore. Still, from time to time, if we haven’t planned ahead and suddenly decide we’d like to have pizza, or naan, or fougasse tonight, it’s nice to have the option of using commercial yeast.

Jane Mason starter - begun July 2017 (continue reading )