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I do ♥ Mock Bennies!

Mock Bennies with Asparagus and Chives
summary: mock bennies with asparagus rule; chives and their flowers; lilacs; still staying at home; review of asparagus trimming; comfort food makes rationing less trying; j’adore cheese sauce!

The [Ontario] government has further extended most of the emergency orders to June 9 [2020] to protect public health and safety from COVID-19
– Office of the Premier, Ontario Extending Emergency Orders During COVID-19 Outbreak, 27 May 2020

This weekly mask-wearing grocery shopping and long line-ups to get into stores not knowing if the shelves will be empty or not has thrown me off. I had forgotten what lilac blossoms in our garden mean:

As soon as the lilac bush by the kitchen window blooms, we look for local asparagus at the vegetable market. Right on schedule, asparagus began to appear a couple of weeks ago: 2 (largish) bunches for $5.
– me, Not-Even-Close-to-Wordless Not-Wednesday: Asparagus and Chives, 12 June 2018

The other day, I lined up at our favourite vegetable store, expecting to buy slightly sorry-looking small amounts of broccoli and green beans from far far away for rather high prices. As I was permitted to enter the store, I saw beautiful bunches of Ontario asparagus on a large tray right by the entrance: 2 decent-sized bunches for $6.

Of course there was a tray full of beautiful Ontario asparagus!! – the lilacs are in full bloom by the kitchen window.

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