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Lame Scoring Continues

Tartine Bread CrumbSourdough September summary: surprise package; new lame handle; still struggling with scoring; our Jane Mason starter is over 3 years old and still going strong; the bread tastes great; brief review of “Super Sourdough” by James Morton; information about Sourdough September;

Look what arrived in the mail as a surprise for me from T!! :-)

Galley Wood Straight Lame Handle

Don’t get me wrong. I still love our popsicle stick handled lame and it will remain on display. But this new handle really is superior. It has been sanded smoothly; it’s easy to open and shut (as long as my thumbnail has been trimmed neatly and recently); it fits perfectly into the front pocket of our mandolin bag.

Straight Lame Handle Storage

One of the biggest advantages of this new wooden handle is that there is no chance of the handle hitting the bread as it is being scored. (This has been a problem with the popsicle stick handled straight lame.)

After looking at fabulously scored loaf after fabulously scored loaf on FB, YouTube, and library books, I couldn’t wait to try again. (continue reading )