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More Wildness: Lame Fun with Layering

Pascual Method Robed BreadSourdough September summary: ; playing with our new lame; attempt at recreating Josep Pascual’s robed bread; dough a variation on Tartine bread; adding a topping of sunflower seeds, pepitas, and sesame seeds to the inner layer; shaping went quite well; scoring fractionally improved; an entry for Sourdough September;

After looking at fabulously scored loaf after fabulously scored loaf on FB, YouTube, and library books, I couldn’t wait to try again.
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | Lame Scoring Continues (Sourdough September 2020)

One sort of decorative scoring that Scott D (Scott’s Various Sh*t) linked to in the BBBabes’ FB group was particularly intriguing.

My latest loaf taught me an interesting technique. When forming the loaf put aside a bit of the dough. Roll it out. Form the loaf and roll the top in seeds. I used Everything bagel seasoning. Then put the rolled out dough over it and do final rise in the fridge. This gives it kind of a double crust on top and the seeds and especially the garlic don’t burn. The original had you oil the underside, which then keeps the layers separate. Then when scored with a rose pattern the top layer curls up. Mine is the first. The second is the inspiration. I forgot the oil which was a good thing. And the bread is delicious.
– Scott D, FB | Bread Baking Babes and Friends – 7 September 2020
I found this layering technique at the joyosity Instagram account who got it from the ana_is_baking Instagram account. Who got it from the Sourdough_Nouveau (Lisa Clayton) instagram account.
– Scott D, FB | Bread Baking Babes and Friends: 9 September

lievito naturale: Pane Foderato Spicchi
lievito naturale: Pane Foderato Spicchi
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