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Definitely Not KD inspired by “Son of Trickster” (Novel Food No.40)

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summary: recipe(ish) for macaroni and cheese; brief review of “The Son of Trickster” by Eden Robinson; shape shifting; still struggling with IPhone camera; Novel Food Event;

Books have always been my friends and as far as I can remember, I’ve always read a lot. I can conjure Mum’s voice calling up the stairs, “Are you reading again? I’ve been calling and calling. Get down here right now to help me with [choose a minor household task]!”

Novel Food No. 40

Definitely Not KD

Has it really been just seven months since we’ve felt a little as though we are under house arrest?! Mercifully, food sources haven’t been depleted. Even flour is back on store shelves.

Over the past seven months, I feel as though all I’ve been doing is reading. Cookbooks, textbooks, non-fiction, fiction…. Short stories. Novels. More novels. It’s the great escape, isn’t it?

Not all the books I’ve read recently are centered around food though. “Son of Trickster” by Eden Robinson most definitely is not. Or rather, none of the featured food is quite the kind of food that we would ever choose to eat. But it’s a good book; it’s no wonder that it was on the shortlist for Canada’s 2017 Scotiabank Giller Prize, as well as being 2020’s first runner-up in CBC’s annual “battle of the books” competition, Canada Reads. (continue reading )