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Why are we still wrapping cheese in plastic?!

summary: plastic and cheese do NOT go together; how to wrap cheese: in wax paper or parchment paper or even aluminum foil, anything but plastic; plastic wrapping is very bad for cheese, especially Emmental, Fromage de Chaumes, Cheshire Cheese, Stilton, and Epoisses; plastic wrapping destroys Epoisses;

[C]heese often comes in plastic, but cheese is also a living food. Would you keep your baby wrapped in plastic? – Adam Moskowitz (aka “The Big Cheese”), Larkin Cold Storage and Columbia Cheese

On a beautiful sunny day in September, we masked up and bicycled over to The Cheese Boutique to see what was in their Special “one for $13 or three for $30” fridge – it’s at the back of the store and contains various blocks of cheeses. Each individual kind is cut into blocks that are roughly the same size. “Roughly” is the keyword here. Some of the blocks are significantly larger than others.

We got Emmenthal, Oak Manor Stilton, and Fromage de Chaumes. When we got home, the first thing we did was to remove the plastic wrapping.

Oak Manor Stilton, Fromage de Chaumes, Emmental

Really?? Plastic wrapping? In these times, when landfill and oceans and innocent creatures’ bellies are being filled with plastic that we stupid humans keep producing and just tossing away? Exactly what is in our heads? Out of sight, out of mind? :stomp: :stomp: (continue reading )