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Mum’s Fruit Cake – revised

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summary: Mum’s Christmas Cake; PRM’s revision; guest-post; how to show off;

I confess that I have never made this cake… we always used to count on my mother to send us some. Many thanks to Mum for allowing me to post my grandmother’s recipe. […] Since Christmas 2011, my sister has taken over making the cake.
– me, recipes from OUR kitchen: Dark Fruit Cake, 2013

Christmas Cake 2019

My sister, P, is a great cook; she is the kind of cook who is intuitive and likes to make alterations to improve the final product. Alterations like replacing loathesome maraschino cherries with dried cherries, or entirely omitting luridly coloured candied peel, or using cashews in place of almonds, or…. (continue reading )