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Really Really White Bread

summary: Really White Bread, following the recipe for White Bread with Poolish in “Flour Water Salt Yeast” by Ken Forkish – to the letter; wow, that’s slack dough; hazards when halving the recipe; using instant yeast for the first time; I am a slow learner;

Here’s a tip: instead of relying on your terrific steel trap mind, when halving a recipe, write the new numbers down…. :lalala:

White Bread with Poolish

I know. I’m supposed to be reporting about our BBB Lussekatter right now! But I couldn’t not talk about using commercial yeast for the first time in ages. And not our usual kind of yeast; I used instant yeast. Because so many breadmakers say it’s better. Also, there was a special request for white bread. White bread with no grains or seeds or lumps.

I decided to make a half recipe of Ken Forkish’s White Bread with Poolish. (continue reading )