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Photo-less not-Friday: what did we do before plastic was invented??

summary: we’re shirking our responsibilities; reflections; still staying at home; reading, reading, reading, reading; bread cookbooks galore; why do we need all that plastic wrap? …an entry for Photo-less Fridays;

I’ve always read a lot. In fact, one of the things I heard most often as a child was, Are you up there reading again? Get down here now to [fill in the blank with] a.) practice b.) set the table c.) cut the grass d.) take out the garbage e.) etc. etc. But these past weeks and weeks and weeks that started last 13 March, all that reading practice as a child has really paid off: I’ve read novels, non-fiction, memoires, short stories, magazine articles, history books, and bread cookbooks cover to cover.

Now, as we are at the beginning month number twelve of Staying at Home, I am about half way through “Bread Illustrated” and, while most of the book so far gives excellent instructions, I keep finding myself gasping at how many times they talk about the need to use plastic.

Cover the dough on the counter with plastic wrap […] Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature […] Cover loosely with greased plastic
– editors at America’s Test Kitchen, Bread Illustrated

(Please don’t get me started on the fact that the ATK editors claim a heavy-duty stand mixer is necessary for kneading bread, because “kneading dough by hand can be messy [ and] takes up to 25 minutes — and some well-developed forearm muscles — to knead dough fully by hand:stomp: :stomp: )

I’ve learned a lot from all this reading. But I cannot believe how many of the authors – many of them renowned bread bakers – advocate the use of plastic. Often prodigal use of plastic. :stomp: :stomp: (continue reading )