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Got rock-hard avocados? What a pickle!

summary: a perfect resolution for rock hard avocados that refuse to ripen; pickled avocados; in praise of Yasmin Khan;

updated 23 June 2021

Avocados seem to be working against us. When a BLT (or an ABLT, as it were) calls for slices of the green stuff, or some tortilla chips are asking for a monster bowl of guacamole, the avocados at the local grocery store are never as ripe as we want them to be. – Alex Delany, Bon Appetit

It’s true! It seems that all we can get are rock-hard avocados. It’s the penalty for living in the frozen north.

And then when one from the little net green bag is finally ripe, all of them immediately ripen and go bad.

But I thought that I had finally learned how deal with this: the moment that the first avocado in the bag is ripe and ready (by pressing gently at the stem end to see if there is give), all the avocados go into the fridge.

This has worked over the winter. When avocados were in season where avocados grow.

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