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Summer Squash with Bacon (bookmarked)

Summer Squash and Bacon summary: Katie’s (Thyme for Cooking) Summer Squash with Bacon; bookmarked recipe; who knew that other summer squashes were so fabulous? …maybe we should try growing this kind instead of zucchini; bounty from the neighbours, including the sweetest corn; edit: and spider….

Thanks to excellent neighbours, we were suddenly given stunning perfectly ripe field tomatoes, a yellow flesh(!!) watermelon, a red pepper, beautiful corn, and two yellow summer squashes!

Summer Squash and Corn

(So sorry, we neglected to photograph the tomatoes, red pepper, and watermelon. Silly us. Especially the watermelon that looked quite normal on the outside but was a beautiful golden colour inside. I’m afraid that, as usual, we were too busy eating them.)

Bookmarked RecipesBookmarked Recipe: Summer Squash with Bacon

Having never seen yellow summer squash like this, we looked around on the internet to find out what we should do.

There were recipes for ribbons salad, roasted rounds with or without parmesan cheese, grilled sliced squash, casseroles laced with cheese, stuffed squash, and STOP RIGHT THERE: Summer Squash (Courgette) with Bacon recipe

A bit of salty bacon and sweet red onion adds big flavor to simply sautéed summer squash.
– Katie, Thyme for Cooking | Summer Squash (Courgette) with Bacon

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