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changing our mindsets (WFD 2021)

feed the hungrysummary: Taking our heads out of the sand; better late than never; remembering the hungry; take action; sharing; World Food Day(s) 2021; a photoless not-Friday post;

[A] change in mindsets […] can make hunger a hardship of the past.

It was Thanksgiving in Canada last Monday. And last Saturday was World Food Day (WFD).

I am perennially filled with great intentions…. I had planned to include something about WFD when posting (late) about the October 2021’s BBB Pumpkin-shaped bread. But my lateness stopped me. And once again, I selfishly forgot.

Which is – especially because it’s happened to me before – inexcusable. It’s high time for a mindset change, isn’t it?

As long as there are so many hungry people in the world, we cannot forget that we are the fortunate few who have so much that we let some of it turn green and furry in our fridges.

There are still many who are in dire need. Needlessly so, but not because they have planned badly. It is because we have planned badly as we march around with our masks on – self-absorbed – complaining that we can’t dine inside at the restaurants yet.

Remember. Many people in the world cannot dine at all. In restaurants or at home. Take-out or home-cooked. Inside or outside.

Our actions are our future. (continue reading )