A day without food blogs?

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Today I was going to write a post about Swiss chard… but I changed my mind.

It is looking like a day without food blogs, not to mention other noncommercial sites may well come to pass. And it could easily stretch into several days.

Or at least that is my impression after reading today’s posts on Barbara’s blog “Tigers & Strawberries” There May Come A Day Without Food Blogs.

It’s rather alarming news (to put it mildly). And if it’s true, I’m miffed. I love food blogging! And I love reading others’ food blogs. Yes, like Tea, I am addicted to food blogging. And I’d be devastated if some money grubbing idiots wrecked our fun.

I’m not sure I understand the implications completely but I do know that we in Canada definitely live in the shadow of the USA. What happens there has a way of affecting us rather directly. Especially since our new Prime Minister seems to be intent on ingratiating himself with GWB. So much so that there was a recent suggestion made during one of our dinner conversations that he should officially change his name to Stephen Burper.

This excerpt from Chez Pim (chezpim.typepad.com/blogs/2006/05/this_day_is_wit.html) explains the situation rather well:

But when the new law is passed the service providers will be allowed to dole out different websites or services at different speed, essentially by creating two-tier Internet: one with super fast speed for the sites who are willing to pay, and the other with only the slow lane, for those unwilling or unable to pay up.

That means that the phone companies can tell you that if you want to access CNN.com, you can use the fast lane, but if you want to see your friend’s blog, you will have to use the slow lane.

I’m not exactly certain what we Canadians can do about this to stop this except to show our support and encourage American internet users to contact their senators and congresspeople to express their displeasure at this trend.

Please write a letter and send it via snail-mail rather than just sign a petition. I gather that paper really does get noticed. And deluges of paper are definitely hard to ignore.

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This day is without food blogs: participating food bloggers (chezpim.typepad.com/blogs/2006/05/this_day_is_wit_1.html)

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Kalyn’s Kitchen – A Day Without Food Blogs Help Save the Internet

Take Action – send a letter to Washington

Right now Congress is being pushed to abandon the First Amendment of the Internet — a principle called “network neutrality” that preserves the free and open Internet. Congress needs to hear from you today or they will hand over control of what you do online to companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.
-Take Action – send a letter to Washington, action.freepress.net/campaign/savethenet

Edit 18 May 2006 @ 08:36 EDT:
Accidental Hedonist: Net Neutrality (accidentalhedonist.com/index.php/2006/05/16/net_neutrality_a_day_without_food_blogs) (scroll down to “How does this threat to Internet freedom affect you?”)

Edit 21 May 2006 @ 14:55 EDT:
Wired News: Building the Internet Toll Road http://www.wired.com/news/wireservice/0,70292-0.html