No, Thank You…

summary: about guest-blogging: no, thank you; deplorable instance of yet another noun becoming a verb; the longer answer to your queries; that’s a blue egg, eh?

Our content team put together an infographic not long ago that I thought you may like to share with your readers. This infographic talks more about how to avoid adulting fails with your kitchen and what you should learn to pass adulting in your kitchen. – R.B., unsolicited email offering material for a blog post

First of all: What readers? Increasingly, I feel like I’m the only one who reads what I write here….

Secondly: Adulting?? Since when is “adult” a verb?! …I had to look up “adulting” to find out what it meant. :lalala:

To 'adult' is to behave like an adult, specifically to do the things—often mundane—that an adult is expected to do.
– Merriam-Webster | ‘Adult’ as a Verb

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been quite surprised to receive email from people (many of them from very far away) offering to a.) write guest posts, b.) advertise/review their product/website, and/or c.) create/edit video(s) for me.

Some of these people have sent several messages. Just in case I didn’t grasp the exciting possibilities they were proposing. (I’m afraid that I haven’t been adulting very well with my correspondence – I’ve simply filed these messages under “G” without even considering responding.)

Here are a few exerpts from the unsolicited messages from strangers:

I came across your blog a few weeks ago as while conducting research for a website that I contribute to. […] I think a guest blog post that illuminates the the advancement of our understanding of psychological addictions would be interesting for your audience.
– A.B., psychology researcher, British Columbia
I am reaching out to see if you have any needs for freelance video content creation for your blog […] Because I am doing this freelance on my own this is a much cheaper option than going through a professional company.
– S.T., Video Editor/Content Creator, Toronto
I would still love for our infographic “how to use your kitchen” to be covered in a blog post on your blog here
– R.B, USA apartment rental agency
Was curious if you had time to look at my previous proposal for an article on your blog. Would you like me to come up with an idea?
– A.B., psychology researcher, British Columbia
Our content team put together an infographic not long ago that I thought you may like to share with your readers. This infographic talks more about how to avoid adulting fails with your kitchen
– R.B, USA apartment rental agency
I wanted to follow up one last time. Do you accept educational type content from other authors?
– R.T, Realtor, Alaska
I understand you are a busy person and your time is valuable but did you have some time to look at my last email?
– R.B, USA apartment rental agency

If you haven’t already guessed, the answer to all of these queries is: no thank you.

This blog is, and always has been, a personal, non-profit blog – sort of like an on-line diary. I do not have a budget. I do not have a company. I am not selling anything. Note that there are no ads on the sidebar. Unless you count the book titles we happen to be reading as ads….

Very occasionally, I might mention a company name or two in posts. But if I do, it’s not because of any solicitation.
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | about advertisements (or lack thereof) on this site

Rather than offering to guest-post, piggybacking on a stranger, I suggest that you set up your own blogs. WordPress, Blogger and Livejournal all provide free templates and space. There are no doubt others as well.

If, in spite of my ranting and raving, you are still thinking about asking to guest post here, don’t be at all surprised when your request is met with profound silence.


Just to make sure that this stays a little bit on the “food and drink” topic, take a look at these egg shells!

egg shells
Whenever we get eggs from our friends who have a sheep farm, they always make a point of making sure there is at least one blue egg in each dozen.
We scoffed when we saw the outside of the “blue” egg (the slightly greenish brown colour is just visible in the photo). Or, at least, we scoffed until we saw the inside of the shell. Isn’t that colour remarkable?!
The mushroom omelette we made with these eggs was also remarkable. Remarkably delicious. …sorry, no photo of the omelette. It was already gone by the time we thought about getting out the camera again.

I can’t help wondering what psychological addictions A.B. detected in (Sprouted Wheat Flourless Bread (BBB July 2010)), a post about me becoming a BBBabe. But I am not wondering quite enough to actually ask the person….)


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3 responses to “No, Thank You…

    1. Elizabeth

      Spellcheck often dislikes legitimate words I type. So it isn’t really surprising that it doesn’t care for “adulting”. (I like the suggestions though; the second one is particularly fitting: “adulating” and “adulterating”)

      Ha! I just noticed that spellcheck doesn’t like “infographic” either and suggests “phonographic”, “oceanographic”, or “pornographic”.

      Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at the unsolicited emailer’s place to see just how many words are underlined with a little wiggly red line?


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