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empty bowl Susan (Wild Yeast) has brought up a very good point recently. A sore point for many. Hunger. Not the kind of hunger many of us feel at the end of the day, thinking about the fact that it has been AGES since lunch and it’s time for an aperitif just before sitting down to a sumptuous dinner. No. We’re talking about real hunger. Hunger that I’ve never experienced. Hunger that you’ve probably never experienced. Hunger that nobody should ever have to experience.

And of course, Susan is right to speak up. As she pointed out in her post, the World Health Organization has reported that "800,000,000 people worldwide suffer from hunger, and more than 6,000,000 children under the age of five die each year from malnutrition".

Second Harvest (Toronto) says that 40% of their recipients are children and that the numbers of hungry are growing in this wealthy city of Toronto. Each day Second Harvest picks up excess fresh food and delivers it to Toronto social service agencies.

Every dollar donated provides food for 3 nutritious meals a day.

Please read more about how to help Second Harvest in its mission to deliver "fresh surplus food to those in need".

The Daily Bread Foodbank organizes three major food drives in spring, fall and winter. With Canadian thanksgiving just around the corner, the fall food drive is on right now. But the Food Bank requires food or funds to buy food throughout the year.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks and the Food Banks Canada (formerly Canadian Association of Food Banks) works with local food banks across Canada. On the CAFB site, they say:

For food banks across the country, the summer months are traditionally a time when demand for food is at a critical high yet donations are at their lowest.

With that in mind, they are working with Kraft Canada to raise funds to donate money to purchase food for food banks across Canada, saying "For some Canadians, back-to-school could mean back-to-hunger". (Learn more about how you can help: Food Banks Canada – Get Involved)

the hunger site - please click to donate free food Yes, there are several ways that we can help – by donating time, money and/or food. We can also donate every day right from our computers, simply by clicking on the link. The sponsors of the Hunger Site pay. The only cost to us is what we pay for our internet connections and the effort it takes to go to The Hunger Site and click. You might have noticed the text link to the hunger site at the top of this page, the sidebar and the image link at the bottom… but I confess that I forget… even though I put the links there myself. And that is inexcusable.

Thanks for the reminder, Susan.

Let’s all do what we can to stop hunger now.

Some International Agencies:

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