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It’s tempting to remain wordless for this explanation of Wordless Wednesdays, but when have I ever been capable of remaining speechless for longer than a couple of minutes??

wordless wednesdays Here is an excerpt from the Wordless Wednesday site:

I got the idea from Uisce, who on one wordless day snapped a pic from the phone and posted it. I saw his, joined in, and here we are! […] Everyone’s welcome.

Also, there are no rules with WW. Creativity and expression are your guide.

Have fun & enjoy a wordless day, don’t we all wish there was really a wordless day?

While the events Wordless Wednesdays and Black and White Wednesday are not affiliated at all, for me they seem related. So I have taken the liberty of amalgamating the posts for the two.

Black and White Wednesday Here is what is written about Black and White Wednesday – A Weekly Culinary Photo Event:

Black and white food photos just don’t get any respect in my opinion. Everyone is so gung-ho about color, and while I cannot argue against the naturally sensuous and appetizing default qualities of color (after all, food is in color), there is something to be said about the unique tonality of monochrome photography, the sublime textures which can pop when a color-to-B/W conversion is finessed in your processing software. […] Participation couldn’t be easier. You don’t need a story nor a recipe nor a location. There will be no competing, curating, nor critiquing.

– Susan (The Well-Seasoned Cook), Black and White Wednesday – A Weekly Culinary Photo Event

Black and White Wednesday has grown and in October 2012, Cinzia (Cindystar) took over hosting Black and White Wednesday. The rules are still the same; all submitted photos must be

anything of a culinary nature or show anything related to food: an ingredient, a kitchentool, something in your kitchen or in a restaurant, anything about food preparation/presentation/consumption, whatever your eyes can catch as a food speech.

– Cinzia (Cindystar), Black and White Wednesday – A Weekly Culinary Photo Event

There is also a BWW flickr group.