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summary: delving into the archives; baked ricotta from April 2013(!); cool weather at last; information about Bookmarked Recipes;

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This morning it’s raining and chilly – too chilly to sit out on the front porch to have coffee. At last the horrible humidity and extreme heat of summer has finally shifted. As chilly as it is, it’s not quite time to turn the furnace on. I really don’t mind having to wear a sweater inside. The weather is perfect.

I was looking through the photo folders and came across this beautiful dinner. According to the date stamp, it was taken way back in April 2013.

Baked Ricotta

I know this was at our house; I recognize the dishes and the oven mitts. Yet I have NO recollection of it. How can that be?

It looks fabulous!

baked ricotta

Clearly, we need to have baked ricotta again. What better way to celebrate the arrival of fall?

Baked ricotta dip is the very definition of easy entertaining. Seriously. It’s just ricotta, eggs, and Parmigiano-Reggiano beaten and baked until puffed and golden. […] Tasting is believing. Set it out on its own with sliced baguette and crackers or crudités or as part of an antipasto platter with charcuterie.
– Renee Schettler Rossi, Leite’s Culinaria | Baked Ricotta, 25 March 2013

You neeeeeed to make this:

I confess that, instead of using Parmagiano Reggiano, I’m quite certain we substituted with one of the hard cheeses we get at the Portuguese store near by. I’m guessing it would be São Jorge, because that’s usually the one we buy. It’s arguably just as good, and significantly less expensive.

As you can see, baked ricotta isn’t just for party tables or antipasto. It’s also perfect for dinner with steamed broccoli, slices of roasted ham, and spaghettini aglio e olio. A garnish of fresh oregano adds to the perfection.

baked ricotta

Oooooh! Doesn’t that look gorgeous? Right through the computer screen, I can almost smell the warm aromas of baked ricotta and oregano!

We really do neeeeeed to make this again. And we really shouldn’t wait 5 years between each time we do!

Bookmarked Recipes - monthly Bookmarked Recipes Some time ago, Ruth (Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments) created this event to urge herself (and everyone else) to actually make the several recipes they have bookmarked in various books, magazines and internet pages. For a time, Jacqueline (Tinned Tomatoes) took over hosting the event. Because she is vegetarian, she asked that submitted recipes be vegetarian OR that alternatives be given for how to make the dish vegetarian.
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