Baked Squash, Rapini and Mozzarella on Pasta

summary: I ♥ fast food; winter squash is great with rapini, pasta and cheese;

Late last night, I was gazing in wonder at Joanne’s (Eats Well With Others) fabulous squash recipes and was particularly taken with her {Vegetarian} Bacon and Butternut Pasta with Caramelized Onions and Kale.

Then tonight, I had to make dinner in a hurry – why oh why can’t I manage to plan ahead?! I raced into the kitchen and put water on to boil for pasta then looked in the fridge to see that we had half a smallish squash, already baked the day before with a little butter and nutmeg in the cavity. Also in the fridge was a big bunch of rapini and half a red pepper. Of course, there were onions and white cheese that claims to be Mozzarella but isn’t (don’t get me started on how annoying it is that manufacturers think I’m too dumb not to know the difference between cheddar and Mozzarella).

Perfect!! Dinner was practically ready!

Turban Squash (image © Molly Watson) As far as I could tell, I had reasonable facsimiles to make Joanne’s pasta dish. Sure, the squash wasn’t a butternut but a Turban. At least, I think it was a Turban squash anyway… it might have been a Buttercup Squash.

Whatever it was, it was delicious.

And rapini isn’t exactly kale. But they’re both leafy, green and have a bitter quality. :-)

Not to mention that there was zero bacon – vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

So, without actually taking the time to look at Joanne’s recipe again, I threw some rotini into the now boiling water. While that was boiling, I quickly sauteed some onions with a few mustard seeds. Then I threw in julienned red pepper and tossed that around a little and then stirred in chopped rapini, sprinkled on a little salt, ground some pepper overtop and stuck a lid on.

I raced upstairs to change my clothes. And raced back down just in time to drain the perfectly cooked rotini and dump it into a bowl followed by the rapini, followed by the squash that had been re-heating in the toaster oven with cheese melting over-top.

(Hahahaha!! I just looked again at Joanne’s actual recipe and see that I strayed rather far from hers. Still, I can’t help but give credit where credit is due.)

Thank you, Joanne! This is a keeper! Dinner was fabulous.

And because it was ready so quickly, I had time to sit sedately and savour every bite. Next time, I’ll try to remember to take photos. Because it looked pretty wonderful too.


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