Barbecued chicken wings

We recently rediscovered the wonders of wings on the barbecue. Last Friday, we used a spice rub #3 – “Old Bay Seasoning” instead of the usual flour and herb Rub. Then just after the wings came off the grill, T tossed half of them in a little Teriaki sauce just to get them glistening. The other half, we left as-they-were for comparison. Into the warm oven with the plates they all went as we steamed the green beans and stirred a little mustard into some mayonnaise to go with oven roasted fries (just in case our dinner wasn’t quite hard enough on our arteries…). We half jokingly said that it was a shame we hadn’t made some honey garlic sauce, chopped some carrots and celery and made a blue cheese dressing as well so we could be more authentic. So, just at the last minute I grabbed some Major Grey Chutney out of the fridge. It was BRILLIANT on the wings that didn’t have Teriaki Sauce. Wine: we do love the reasonably priced Farnese Sangiovese Daunia!