Shamsi Bread – A Cook Abroad

Shamsi Bread

BBC: A Cook Abroad, Dave Myers’ Egypt: Shamsi Bread

Shamsi bread is the first known recipe for “sourdough” bread.

the section on Shamsi bread (Sun Bread), the 1st leavened bread (naturally leavened, of course), was particularly interesting. Because of the intense heat – hardly any time is required before the dough has risen! Myers asked his host in Luxor how long it takes for the dough to rise. The answer:

If the sun is hot, very strong, twenty minutes. If the sun is not strong, it takes about forty five minutes.

The slashing is fascinating too, causing the discs of dough to burst out of their perfect round shape once they are in the oven. (slashing is around 33:46 and the final bread at around 35:41 on the “A Cook Abroad : Dave Myers Egypt” video)