Auberge of the Flowering Hearth | Walnut Wholewheat Bread

auberge of the flowering hearth

Auberge of the Flowering Hearth by Roy Andries de Groot, Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill, 1973

An account – with recipes – of de Groot’s stay at L’Auberge de l’Atre Fleuri in St-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, Savoy, France.

Since the lower slopes of the Alps and the Dauphiné to the west of the city of Grenoble are the main centers in France for the growing of walnut trees, it is hardly surprising that Mademoiselle Ray bakes a superb wholewheat whole-nut walnut bread. She gives it the strong character of the nuts by first blending into the dough a substantial amount of finely ground nutmeats and then folding in the uncut nut halves. The dough itself is made with a relatively coarse wholewheat flour, so that it has an attractive chewy country texture.
– Roy Andries de Groot, Walnut Wholewheat Bread, Breads and Cakes, Auberge of the Flowering Hearth, p. 412