Toasting in the New Year (BBBuddies January 2021)

summary: Toasted Oats bread a hit with almost everyone; Two (that’s 2!!) BBBuddies – correction: make that 3; January 2021 Bread Baking Buddies; BBBabes’ Toasted Oats Bread gallery

edit 2 February 2021: Correction!! There are THREE (that’s 3!) January 2021 BBBuddies! :-) :-) :-)

Bread Baking Buddies (BBB): Toasted Oats Bread

Well. The good news is that T agreed that the flavour of the bread is fine, and that if we slice the bread thinly, it will make good toast. And I like the bread – toasted or not….
-me, blog from OUR kitchen | Bread Baking Babes Toast the New Year – with Toasted Oats, that is….

BBBuddies January 2021 After the slightly cool reception of this bread from half the human inhabitants of our household (we didn’t let the furry black fiend try it so don’t know what he thinks), I was very pleased to learn from the other BBBabes that the bread was a hit with almost everyone. (I gather that T and Kelly’s youngest were the only ones to turn their noses up.)

Happily, those two naysayers didn’t stop others from baking the bread.

Almost all of the replies I see these days on this blog are instantly relegated to the spam area; they are from mindless robots repeatedly attempting to entice me into linking to and/or looking at their websites that have nothing to do with breadmaking, cooking, kitchens, or normal living. In fact, the most recent attempts have become so numerous and annoyingly repetitive that I have had to turn off the comments on all earlier posts. Perhaps with no comment forms to fill in, they will get tired and go away. :stomp:

Therefore, once again, I am not really surprised to have received zero messages about BBBuddies’ Toasted Oats bread. But two people did post about their January BBB bread on FB. I asked permission to display their photos….

Here are the BBBuddies’ January 2021 Toasted Oats breads:

Scott D, California
We are honoured! Scott mentioned that he doesn’t always blog about his BBB baking, but made an exception this month:
“[T]he recipe was so delicious, I couldn’t resist.”
Scott D Toasted Oats Bread
How fascinating to have it confirmed that every kitchen and every environment will have different timings. It just shows that even when we measure meticulously, we still have to use our heads. Scott did:
“I had some challenges with this bread. Following the directions exactly had the levain rise and deflate by morning. Thus it wouldn’t pass the float test. Not deterred I got my active starter out of the fridge and kept it warm in a water bath using my sous vide stick set to 95°F. Within an hour it passed the float test and I moved along. I added the original levain too. Which made the dough too wet, 60g or so of flour helped.”
Because Scott likes “to make smaller loaves to have a more manageable slice”, he made two loaves, one to bake that day and the other to rise overnight in the fridge and bake in the morning. The difference in oven spring between the two is amazing.
Wow. That is so cool (no pun intended). We have never been very successful with the overnight fridge proofing (results in flat loaves for us…) so it’s thrilling to see these side by side results.
» Scott D, Scott’s Various Sh*t: Toasted Oats Bread with the Bread Baking Babes Facebook group
Jo Ann O, Arizona
On 25 January, Jo Ann O posted several photos of her beautiful toasted oats bread on FB, including the spectacular one pictured here, saying,
I followed Kelly’s lead on using kamut for the levain build and part of the final dough […]. I toasted the oats on the cast iron pan, the night before, and it smelled wonderful. I swapped kamut for the 25% whole wheat in the final dough, and used 75% bread flour instead of the all purpose. I swapped cracked rye for the wheat germ and wheat chops, coz that’s what’s in my pantry, and increased it to 5%, instead of original 2%. I scaled down the final dough to 60% of original formula, coz I left my gluten loving roommates in CA when I moved to AZ. […] I broke rules today (which I never do 😉) and cut into it the minute it came out of the oven, coz I was too hungry. I could still smell the toasted oats and just love the texture of this bread! It feels like a warm hug 🤗 on a cold rainy morning.
Jo Ann O Toasted Oats Bread
Aside from Jo Ann losing her lovely California roommates, how perfect is this? I cannot get over the loft!
And, as for rule-breaking…. Ha!! How well does Jo Ann fit in? (…as if BBBabes have ever managed to follow rules.) :-) :-)
» Jo Ann O, FB Bread Baking Babes and Friends: toasted oats bread
Patricia M, British Columbia, Canada
On 22 January, my sister sent me a message, saying,
I forgot to take a picture of our alarming starter that I haven’t used in over 3 weeks. It was brown! She had already toasted some oats, but used them in some commercially yeasted no-knead bread dough. She had then followed some troubleshooting advice on She was still uncertain about whether her “funky” starter was okay, so I sent her to James Morton’s YouTube excellent video of his “method [that] is going to revive all but the most neglected starters“. She didn’t send a photo of the no-knead Toasted Oats bread…. But, happily, her starter revived brilliantly. And here is what Patricia sent on 30 January:
Look at the oat bread made with the rejuvenated starter! I’ve never had such a well risen loaf.
Patricia M's Toasted Oats bread
Whoohooooo!! How great is that? When I got the message (duh… because I have too much time on my hands right now, I don’t always remember to look at my messages and didn’t see it until Monday, 1 February :lalala: ), I asked her if she’d like her bread included in this roundup. She said, “Sure!” and then added these few more details:
I didn’t have any malted wheat chops (I don’t even know what that is, is it like pork chops only with wheat? :-D ) so I used 5 g amaranth. No other changes. Because I was doing an online yoga class, K was in charge of squooshing in the salt and then the oats half an hour later. He found adding the oats a little challenging because they didn’t seem to want to separate from themselves. The instructions for shaping were excellent and I think following them made it so the bread rose so well in the oven.
The oat bread was fabulous in my sandwich today [1 February]: I toasted the bread lightly, added mayonnaise mixed with hot sauce, a slice of roasted butternut squash, and some Brie cheese. Ambrosia!

» Patricia M, toasted oats bread

Thank you, Bread Baking Buddies: January 2021Thank you for baking with us! You really are the BBBest!!

If I missed posting about anyone’s BBB January 2021 Toasted Oats Bread, please do let me know.

  • email me
    » Remember to include your name and a link to your post
    » Please type “BBB January 2021” in the subject heading

Of course, if you haven’t yet made toasted oats bread, I hope that won’t stop you from trying it, just because the deadline is past. Because it’s delicious. Especially the toasted oats aspect!

Thank you to all who made January’s bread.

Bread Baking Babes’ January 2021 Toasted Oats Bread

Bread Baking Babes’ January 2021 Toasted Oats Bread

BBB January 2021 Toasted Oats Bread gallery
BBBabes' Toasted Oats Bread gallery (January 2021)
(from top to bottom)

left column: Tanna (My Kitchen in Half Cups); Judy (Judy’s Gross Eats); Elizabeth (blog from OUR kitchen)
middle column: Elle (Feeding My Enthusiasms); Kelly (A Messy Kitchen); Cathy (Bread Experience)
left column: Karen K (Karen’s Kitchen Stories); BBB Toasted Oats Bread “Let’s keep baking!”

  • Aparna, My Diverse Kitchen
    “I’m really sorry I couldn’t bake along this month. […] There’s a wedding in the immediate family and things are a bit busy….”
  • Cathy, Bread Experience
    “I never thought to toast the oats before incorporating them in the dough. Toasting the oats adds a nutty flavor and brings a certain sophistication to the loaf. Now that I have tried it, I’m definitely going to incorporate toasted oats in our family’s favorite oatmeal sandwich bread. It just has to be done.”
  • me, blog from OUR kitchen
    “It is indeed wonderful bread! Bread made with toasted oats is beautifully lean (but not at all dry) and slightly nutty tasting; it is the perfect antidote to all the recent holiday richness.”
  • Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
    “Every bake is an adventure in learning.”
  • Karen K, Karen’s Kitchen Stories
    “The toasted oats add such a wonderful nutty flavor.”
  • Katie (BBBBB), Thyme for Cooking
    “The Babes unanimously agree that the toast is fantastic.”
  • Kelly, A Messy Kitchen
    “Oat breads have, for some unknown reason, been a hit or miss item for me. Sometimes I get amazing results, sometimes I get intolerably dense loaves. This one was a hit.”
  • Pat (aka Elle), Feeding My Enthusiasms
    “Not being content with leaving things alone, […] I made dinner rolls instead of a loaf. I know, it really might be better to start with the recipe given, but I so rarely do that it would be hard to do that now. The resulting rolls were hearty, seedy, and quite delicious!”
  • Tanna, My Kitchen in Half Cups
    “Yes, this does look like an involved recipe. Yes, there are a number of steps. Yes, because it looks long, it looks difficult. The actuality is the single steps are spread out over time but are simple to execute with long stretches where you do whatever you like and a single step takes only a short bit time. Do those short steps get you to a worthwhile goal … what a very foolish question, My answer is an emphatic YES!!!”


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  1. Kelly (A Messy Kitchen)

    I do love amaranth!

    edit 3 February 2021, 14:47: Okay, Okay! We’ll put it on our grocery list! (I wonder if, because it is gluten-free, we will have to go to a Health Food Store to get it….) – Elizabeth
    This under-appreciated grain is a perfect way to get in your whole grains […] Although amaranth is categorized as a grain, it’s really a seed (just like quinoa). The tiny seeds are about the size of sesame seeds and have a yellowish color. The seeds can be used whole or ground into flour. They have a sweet and nutty flavor and are a bit crunchy when cooked. The greens of the plant are also edible and have a sweet flavor.
    – Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., “Meet This Grain: Amaranth”, Food Network


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