Bike Ride

Sigh…. When will we learn? We went out for a bikeride yesterday and along the way happened upon a deli/bakery. The offerings looked just barely adequate but we thought it would be fun to have a butterscotch square and to try a new kind of fizzydrink. The fizzydrink was called “Bitter” and had a picture of red and black currants on the label. The ingredients list was not really promising – carbonated water, invert sugar, imported flavour (WHAT on earth can that mean??!). But we liked the cranberry-like colour so got it anyway.

We couldn’t decide which was worse, the butterscotch square or the drink. The butterscotch square was pure sugar and lard and underbaked to boot. The drink was like fizzy cough medicine. Actually, come to think of it, cough medicine tastes better.