Biscotti, anyone?

BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: photos of candied peel and BBB (Erzatz) Stollen; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Stollen (BBB) We tasted the BBB Stollen this morning. WHAT a disappointment!!

It’s dry and crumbly. Not at all the sort of thing that people would clamour to have on a festive occasion. Unless they were so hungry that they’d choke anything down.

And it looked and smelled so beautiful too!! (aside from the fact that it was flat as a pancake) I’m guessing that I didn’t knead the dough enough (it seemed very smooth) because there was virtually no rise on this bread.

I guess I should have paid closer attention to the fact that Susan machine kneaded her dough for 20 minutes!! :hohoho: :lalala: :hohoho:

Stollen (BBB) Of course I realize that Stollen is traditionally covered in clarified butter and powdered sugar just after baking. But I made an executive decision and chose to use an eggwash before baking instead.

But isn’t the colour gorgeous? How could I even think of covering that up with icing sugar?! (Hmmm, it’s perhaps a bit dark… did I overbake it?)

peel The candied peel, on the other hand, is delicious!! So delicious that all the candied lemon peel was eaten and/or put into the dough before I could get a photo of it.

But we still have a little candied orange peel left. I love its flavour! Although… I would like it if it were not quite as soft. I wonder if I dare to put it into a slow slow oven to dry it out and make it chewier….

Perhaps not, considering my record so far this week. :hohoho: :-) :hohoho:

I was thinking about the dryness of my failed Stollen. It’s entirely possible that using ground almonds instead of slivered almonds was a huge mistake. In retrospect, I should have either left them out or used less flour. (Duh…)




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6 responses to “Biscotti, anyone?

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Dry … yours was dry? Could butter and sugar coating keep it moist?
    Color wise, mine was like yours: I feared almost burned.
    Bread really does have a mind of it’s own.
    I did find an incredible amount of difference in the dough as I kneaded it longer and longer.

  2. Astrid

    Tanna, I truly believe, that the butter you brush on after baking helps to moisten the stollen.
    Could have been the eggwash too, Elizabeth, cause to my mind it seals the surface of the stollen and does not let it moisten.
    On the other hand I read that you should store stollen 2-4 weeks after baking for best taste. it might soften will that rest time too… that’s what I think. I made mine nearly two weeks ago and it has softened a lot since I baked it.

  3. Elle

    With all the recipe changes its hard to know what made it dry, but it does look golden and gorgeous! I only used melted butter and superfine sugar after baking. The confectioners’ sugar on top of that seemed like gilding the lily to me. My loaf was moist but the bottom crust was on the dark, almost burnt, side. Good thing all that butter disguised any defects. You could make this again with the full 3 loaves recipe (people love these as gifts so no actual storage problem) and don’t use almond flour just almonds, and do knead more and do use salt and don’t use salted butter (which I think is less moist than unsalted), etc., but I love that you play with the recipes and find out what the results are…a true adventursome Babe!

  4. Susan/Wild Yeast

    I love reading your accounts of your baking adventures, Elizabeth! I think you’re right that mixing longer and using almond instead of almond flour might have given you more of the shape and texture you were looking for. That’s what next year is for! :) In the meantime, enjoy the fruit peel!

  5. Judy

    I kneaded the dough in my superduper mixer for 30 minutes but nothing much happened, so I took it out and did it by hand. I kneaded in the fruits by hand as well. The two loaves barely rose at all. And, when I removed them from the oven, they fell apart as I put them on the cooling rack. All ingredients were measured correctly, and the yeast was viable, so I have no clue why it didn’t turn out. Yours looks like it rose higher than mine.

  6. hobby baker

    Wow, I couldn’t believe that much butter could turn out a dry loaf. Your diaries are always a hoot! I probably should have kneaded mine more though because though it did rise, it really wanted to spread more than go vertical. I think the almond filling helps with the perception of moistness too. More sugar, woohoo! ;)


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