Bread rescue

I love the summer. All winter long we have been talking about barbecued squid with olives, roasted garlic and lemon. And suddenly, we realized that it’s barbecue season. I made some bread because one HAS to have bread with barbecued squid. Disaster. I don’t know WHAT I did wrong. But the bread was rather heavy – it wasn’t bad, you understand. It just wasn’t good enough to be featured on its own. So we shelved the squid idea and got a slab of pork tenderloin instead. We started soaking some woodchips. We marinated the pork in some sweet tomato chutney and then for about two hours slow slow slow barbecued it. The smell of the sweet wood smoke was wonderful. Then when the meat was done and resting, we sliced the bread and grilled it on the barbecue (this method works really well with corn bread (yeast) too). We thinly sliced the perfectly done meat and placed it over the grilled bread, drizzled a little olive oil and spooned a little ancho chile salsa overtop. And on the side: steamed asparagus (beautiful thinstalk Ontario asparagus) with the tiniest hint of butter to make it glisten. The bread was outstanding! The whole dinner was outstanding. What a brilliant save!

(Hurrah! Red globe grapes are back on the stands! But so are really good Ontario strawberries….)