Breadline Africa’s Worldwide Blogger Bake Off Challenge

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Breadline Africa (image © Breadline Africa is an internationally registered charity supporting ground level African charities that are working with communities to help them to become self-sustainable and “break the cycle of poverty in the lives of individuals and communities in Africa through sustainable, long-term solutions“.

The Breadline Africa Worldwide Blogger Bake Off was created and began on 15 October 2008. (It ends on 15 October 2009 or when US$1 million has been raised, whichever occurs first.) With our support, Breadline Africa can “convert shipping containers into locations for food production and distribution. These sustainable community kitchens will not only provide foods such as bread and soup to those in need, but also opportunities for skills development within these poor communities“.

Breadline Africa: Worldwide Blogger Bake Off Challenge And here’s where we come in:

Bake Bread – Give Dough – Feed Africa

There are various ways for you to get involved:

  • Join our campaign.
  • Submit your bread baking recipe.
  • Make a donation to Breadline Africa.
  • Vote for your favourite recipe.
  • Bake a loaf of bread and blog about it.
  • Bake many loaves of bread and host a bake sale.

Anyone can join. Once you register, you can tag others to do the same. If you have a blog, you can download the Blogger Bake-off widget (seen below) as well. So…

Not wanting to single anyone out, if you haven’t been tagged already, consider yourself tagged. Let’s get baking and sending our dough!!

For complete details on how you can help, please see:

  • Alleviate Poverty | Breadline Africa Worldwide Blogger Bake Off
  • Breadline Africa: to put a lasting end to poverty in Africa
  • Breadline Africa: blog
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edit 30 October 2008: Please take a look at the semi-wild challah recipe. It’s delicious and in spite of how it looks, couldn’t be easier to make!!

edit 4 November 2008: You might have noticed that a very low amount of money has been donated from this blog. This is because of the nature of the widget provided by (Personally, I don’t care from which blog the donation is made, as long as there is a donation.) But even the total amount donated so far seems on the low side. Of course, the campaign has just begun as is projected to go for a year. But wouldn’t it be great if the goal was reached earlier?!

Mike (Living in Jozi) made a good point:

Breadline Africa people […] have estimated that they will need to enlist the help of 100,000 bloggers internationally. By a very quick calculation (using both my fingers and toes) I figure that every blog therefore needs to collect $10 [to raise US$1 Million in funds to alleviate poverty in Africa].

– excerpt from Living in Jozi:
When downloading a Widget just isn’t enough…

Please consider adding your small (or large) donation to create the sizeable donation that Breadline Africa is aiming at to help end needless hunger.

Do try these breads:


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