Canadian Food Trends

According to the LCBO Food and Drink Magazine (spring 2005) – ‘Global Trendspotting’,

Canada is following the way of the world in its food trends. There is a move towards a simpler, healthier way of eating. […] This recipe [for ‘French Fries with Poutine’] gives a taste of truly Canadian tapas. […] Served with foie gras, goat cheese and gravy […] There is never any left – you can double the quantity and still have none left.

What??? Since when is ‘French fries with poutine’* a simpler, healthier way of eating? Alternatively, what were we eating before? I shudder to think.

* poutine: n. [pu - tēn'] Québecois delicacy comprised of French fried potatoes (greasier the better) covered in cheese curds and beef gravy.

Here are some of the more choice images of the several that I found of poutine. (Isn’t google wonderful?)
poutine 1 . poutine 2 . poutine 3 . poutine 4 . poutine 5

4 responses to “Canadian Food Trends

  1. Barbara

    “French fries with poutine”? Is that like “pasta with Fettucine Alfredo”?

    Ow ow ow, flashback to the “garbage plate”, of Rochester NY fame: Nick Tahou Hots restaurant in Rochester (

  2. ejm Post author

    Wowsa! and just when I thought I’d seen everything! That garbage plate is revolting!

    The LCBO magazine also said that people in the USA were

    seek[ing] out healthier organic produce and grass-raised or organic meat and poultry

    And the recipe displayed to represent the USA? …’triple chocolate torte’.

    And quite right, Barbara, ‘french fries with poutine’ is redundant. Another strike against the editors of the magazine!

  3. Barbara

    Triple chocolate torte a representative USA dish? Hmm. What do you think they mean by “represent”.

    Wait a sec … is it tongue in cheek? Fois gras – simpler and healthier?

  4. ejm Post author

    I don’t think it’s tongue in cheek. The Australian recipe is “Thai salmon cakes with sesame aioli” and the blurb begins

    Australians have embraced Asian cuisine and fused it successfully […] Using local ingredients combined with French ad Spanish techniques, makes food sing.

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