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It’s January! And it’s cold! I began to wonder if there would actually be a gallery… :lalala:

Chapatis (BBBuddies)Bread Baking Buddies (BBB): Chapatis

This January, the BBBabes made chapatis. Well, some of the BBBabes made chapatis…. (Here is the recipe we used.)

Even though it was cold, I was a little surprised that not only did some of the BBBabes skip chapati making, but only three BBBuddies joined us this month! I know. Others have real lives and are busy. But I really thought the simplicity of the recipe would attract way more people.

I sure hope it wasn’t because they got thrown off by the quote I pointed at from Shehzad Husain’s book, Entertaining Indian Style: “Do not get disheartened […] you will improve with practice.” I guess I should have stressed that Shehzad Husain was being overly cautious and that chapatis are insanely easy to make…. :lalala:

Even though there were just three four five this month, as always, the BBBuddies come from all over the world. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Here, with no further ado, are the January 2015 BBBuddies (in alphabetical order by location):

California, USA: Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats

bbb chapati January 2015 Judy was beginning to feel in crisis mode and needed a break from her demanding work. So she kneaded chapati dough. She wrote, “It was very satisfying to spend nearly 10 minutes kneading it into a satiny ball of goodness.” She’s right; it is very satisfying, isn’t it?! And look how beautifully her chapatis turned out!

» Judy’s Gross Eats | BBB Buddy: Chapati

California, USA: Louise, BBB and Friends on Facebook

bbb January 2015 Louise thought she was going to be too late to get into the BBB chapati gallery. She wrote “How do you spell epic fail? In my house, it’s c-h- a-p-a-t- I.” Silly Louise. :-)

I’d say it looks like her bread turned out fabulously.

She went on to say that they “liked the taste though, and they went beautifully with our dinner soup.”. Now, that sounds awfully good to me.

(Please click on the image to see a larger view of her chapati.)

» Louise on BBB Facebook (requires log-in to FB group: Bread Baking Babes and Friends)

California, USA: Scott Davis, In Scott’s Kitchen

bbb January 2015 Scott has been following our challenges since we made the recipe from the 1600s that Ilva found, saying he had “not been that interested in the intervening months’ recipes. Then came January’s Chapati recipe”. He decided to use atta for his chapatis. He’s lucky enough to have a gas stove and made a wonderful video showing how he puffed his chapatis on the open flame.

And because he usually has paneer in the freezer (how clever is he?), he made Palak Paneer. Palak Paneer and Chapatis. A marriage made in heaven.

(Now Scott needs to make homemade naan again to remind himself that they’re WAY better than storebought naan.)

» In Scott’s Kitchen | Making Chapati for 2

New Zealand: Trudi, BBB and Friends on Facebook

bbb January 2015 Trudi reported that when she was 11, she was taught to make Chapatis by a school teacher who came from India. She posted her photo of her chapatis on Facebook, showing that she got perfect ballooning. She made the chapatis “to go with tonight’s curry “. Chicken Jalfrezi. Oooooh, Chicken Jalfrezi…. I want to go to there.

(Please click on the image to see a larger view of her chapati.)

» Trudy on BBB Facebook (requires log-in to FB group: Bread Baking Babes and Friends)

Switzerland, Europe: Carola, Sweet and That’s It
bbb January 2015 Instead of using her stovetop, Carola baked her bread in a contact grill. Didn’t it turned out beautifully? “India meets Switzerland: Raclette Chapatis! Once the chapati was ready, I’ve put it back on the grill and added a couple of slices or Raclette cheese. Mmmm delicious!”. Mmmm delicious, indeed!

» Sweet and That’s it: Chapatis: unleavened Indian Flatbread – Piadina Indiana senza Lievito (


Thank you, Bread Baking Buddies: January 2015BBBuddies, you really are the BBBest!!

If I missed posting about anyone’s BBB Chapatis, please do let me know.

edit: Please note that it’s not enough to have posted about your bread in the Facebook group. Because of the ephemeral nature of Facebook’s posts, your FB post may have gotten lost in the shuffle. (It’s just by happy chance that I saw Trudi’s FB post about her chapatis.) Please do the following, if you want to be included in the BBBuddy roundup:

And of course, if you haven’t made it yet, just because the deadline is past, I hope that won’t stop you from making Chapatis. You won’t be sorry. Even if you don’t have paneer to make palak paneer. Chapatis are delicious with many things.

Making chapatis can be very relaxing. In quite a short time you can produce eight or ten breads, each one turning out a little bit different from the others, but all of them attractive, nutritious, and good. We’ve grown so accustomed to making chapattis that they now feel almost like a convenience food, a household staple of the best kind
– Flatbreads and Flavors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, p. 124

BBB chapatisclockwise from top: BBB logo, Heather’s chapatis, Pat’s (aka Elle) chapatis, Cathy’s chapatis, Elizabeth’s chapatis, Tanna’s chapati, Lien’s chapatis



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