chicken goes well with white wine too

The chicken with cream sauce was so amazing that we made it again some days later. Of course, we don’t have an unlimited amount of Chateau Clerc Milon in our stash… as in none at all. But I had tasted a Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve Gewürtztraminer at a reception and was blown away.

We rarely drink white wine but this really was lovely. It was fresh and clean with hints of grapefruit – quite nicely balanced. The real beauty of it is that even though it is a good Canadian wine, it is actually reasonably priced at just over $10.00. (Don’t get me started on the high taxes grossly inflating Canadian wine prices.)

We decided to try pairing the Gewürtz with the hickory smoked chicken and mushroom cream sauce with steamed sugar snap peas instead of green beans. Naturally, I was a little nervous because at the reception, I had tasted the wine with no food. It was a wonderful sipping wine but would it hold up to mushroom cream sauce and smoked chicken? Yes indeed it did, completing yet another spectacular feast.