chicken pie … mmm

We had the most brilliant chicken pie the other night. Made from leftover roast chicken a l’orange. If you’ll forgive the franglais (hey, at least I didn’t say chicken a l’orange with avec au jus)

It was so brilliant that I’m still relatively speechless. (as if that weren’t already clear – as if I let that stop me from attempting to post)

There was a little of the orange laced gravy left so that was added to the a la king chicken filling – chicken, bechamel, peas, carrots, onions, leftover roast potatoes, sherried mushrooms. And baked into a pie with the most perfect pastry. Served with steamed broccoli on the side. And a glass of Bulgarian cabernet sauvignon. Followed by a square of dark chocolate for dessert. (as if dessert were even necessary)

It really was the smallest amount of orange flavoured gravy. But oh my, I think we always need to add a little orange to chicken pie.

And the really great thing is that there’s enough pie leftover for tonight. Yay!

The stock made from the chicken a l’orange bones was also brilliant. We had it with cheese stuffed tortellini. Oh my my my!!